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Re: [alpha] INSIGHT - PKK stance about Ocalan

Released on 2012-03-06 08:00 GMT

Email-ID 107472
Date 2011-08-08 18:24:57
the press release is revealing for the desperation in tone. this is a
very defensive statement claiming that it's all AKP's fault, Ocalan is
stiill the only one who can issue orders, etc.

Yerevan, the official story is helpful in understanding their position,
but we need to get beyond the delivery of the press statements to more
in-depth and personal conversations with these guys on what's stressing
them out, like we talked about. that should be a lot more revealing.


From: "Benjamin Preisler"
To: "Alpha List"
Sent: Monday, August 8, 2011 9:39:44 AM
Subject: [alpha] INSIGHT - PKK stance about Ocalan


SOURCE DESCRIPTION: PKK spokesman in Qandil Mount
Ok, PKK answered to an email of mine I had sent on Thursday. Reading this
only tells that Ocalan is still in helm and PKK follows his instructions,
even PKK tells Oclan that it has the power to correct
any inadequacy experienced in the past by the PKK. I can tell that PKK
feels apologetic for Oclan, if it has failed to follow his
orders strictly. have bolded some parts
What you think?
Haval yerewan, this is what we have about the recent statement of our
leader and our stance. best
The Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan has told his lawyers on 27
July 2011 that he has withdrawn himself from being an intermediary between
the Turkish state and the PKK. This situation means that the Kurdish
question and the solution of this question has acquired a new dimension.

Our leader is being kept under aggravated prison conditions for the past
twelve years. He has never made these conditions an obstacle in the
discussions for a resolution. On the contrary he took special care that he
fulfilled the requirements of his role despite the aggravated conditions
and restricted means. He made a huge effort to enable the solution of the
question, to bring the parties together at a common ground, to create the
grounds for democratic resolution and to make sure that the process
developed in accordance with a plan.

The public is aware that our leader has declared various unilateral
ceasefires since 1993. Undoubtedly these ceasefires were invaluable
opportunities for the achievement of peace and solution of the question.
However due to the conventional strict state policy of denial and
annihilation all these golden opportunities were unfortunately wasted.
Despite all these our leader was very careful that the guerilla forces
were kept out of clashes so that the ceasefires continued to be valid
during the term of the AKP's governance and peace efforts continued to
flourish in the society. He tried to attract the complete attention,
efforts and awareness of our movement, people and democratic public to the
peaceful solution of the question. He not only found that it was essential
to raise the awareness of the society to the solution of the question but
also the state.

Instead of a positive approach to the meaningful and valuable efforts of
our leader the AKP government chose to implement quite the opposite
policy. It considered our tendency to resolve the question as a weakness
and a fault. Thus it not only aimed to isolate our leader from our
movement and people it also aimed the surrender and elimination of our
movement. The meeting between ErdoA:*an and Bush which is said to be a
landmark is a result of these developments.

The comprehensive air bombardments and Zap warfare later showed how
dangerous the historical secret agreement made between ErdoA:*an and the
President of the USA in Washington on 5 November 2007 was. This agreement
aimed active intervention of NATO and total elimination of our movement.
Advanced technological power incomparable to any other time was used for
air bombardment of the guerilla areas in order to inflict a severe-blow to
our movement. On the other hand, policies of lynching, cultural and
political genocide were imposed on the Kurdish people. Externally, under
the leadership of the USA and NATO a unity of stance and attitude amongst
the EU countries were achieved to implement the plan to besiege and crush
our movement.

Our leader had prepared a road map in August 2009 which consisted of
proposals for democratic solutions and aimed to advance the process from a
no-solution situation to democratic solution situation. This road map was
given by him to the Turkish state officials. However the Turkish state
confiscated this road map which would have stimulated the discussions on
resolving the question. It thus aimed to orientate the discussion on the
resolution of the question within the framework of a project that targeted
elimination and which was called a**national unity and solidaritya**. In
addition military and political elimination was multi-directionally

Our movement responded the comprehensive attacks and operations of the
Turkish state with its 1 June 2010 offensive. The 1 June offensive that
continues for around two months re-strengthened the quest for a
resolution. An example to this quest was that the Turkish state initiated
direct dialogues in the form of an official delegation with our leader.

In response our leader made a call for a ceasefire to the parties in 2010
and thus prepared the ground for the negotiation process to start with the
state. Our movement declared a unilateral ceasefire on 13 August 2010 to
give a chance to the development of a peaceful solution upon the
commencement of dialogue between our leader an official delegation on
behalf of the state. In order for the period of dialogue to evolve into
the negotiation level our leader presented the official delegation of the
state with three protocols in May of 2011. In accordance with the
agreement reached with the delegation that represented the state the new
government that took office after the 12 June elections should have put
these protocols in action. The AKP government has not taken a single
positive step in relation to these protocols.

Our leader has clearly stated that in the event that Prime minister
ErdoA:*an gives assurances and calls on him he can withdraw the guerilla
forces out of the areas where clashes occur in one week and thus
facilitate the question to be resolved. This is something that can not be
decided by anyone else but by our leader. This would also have meant that
if the state had displayed a decisive and strong-willed stance then the
issue that had not been solved in the last thirty years would have been
resolved in one historical step.

The AKP government has shown how insistent it is on the familiar policies
of denial and annihilation by not heeding to this invaluable opportunity
and calls. In addition it has thus signalled that military and political
operations shall increase in the near future. In fact ever since the
ceasefire of 13 August 2010 the military nor political operations of the
state have not stopped. On the contrary operations against the political
arena have increased immensely, tens of Kurdish women, children and youth
have been killed and thousands of them detained and arrested. We have had
more guerilla losses during this period of ceasefire then would normally
be due to the military operations that have not stopped at all. Since
March 51 guerillas have been martyred in these military operations by the
Turkish state against the guerilla forces who had adopted a position of
defence. The great losses the Turkish army incurred during the clashes
that occurred in the rural areas of Silvan on 14 July was not an action
that was pre-planned by our forces but as a result of a confrontation of
the Turkish army's comprehensive and extensive operational forces in the

The ErdoA:*an government has used the clashes that occurred during their
military operation in Silvan as a pretext to declare that they have
commenced a period of offensive with new strategy and tactics. Undoubtedly
it is the AKP government who shall be responsible for all the negative
developments and losses in the near future. ErdoA:*an has thus confessed
through this declaration that it is the end of an era. This shall either
mean that a painful and a violent period with high costs and severe
consequences for our peoples shall commence or the gateway to a true
democratic solution for the Kurdish question shall be opened whereby a
brand new future for our peoples shall begin.

The aim of our leader in continuing the dialogue with the state was to
initiate the resolution and peace process that our peoples deserve. It has
thus been exposed that unilateral ceasefires and dialogues taken up under
these conditions are not sufficient to generate the means necessary for a
solution. The three protocols presented to the state and our movement by
the Kurdish people's leader has not been responded by the state. Although
our leader had previously given a certain meaning to the dialogues with
the state the point we are at has led him to find both the state's and our
movement's behaviour inadequate. As a result he has declared it publicly
that he has withdrawn himself to be an intermediary between the state and
our movement. This stance has been taken up by our leader because an
approach to advance the democratic constitutional process and to make
headway in the democratic solution project has not been taken up. Serious
and important conclusions should be deduced from this situation by the
Turkish state and all concerned circles. This is also an important stance
that should be seriously evaluated by our freedom movement and Kurdish
people. As a result it is understandable that Kurdish and Turkish
intellectuals as well as many circles, politicians and academics are
discussing and evaluating this stance of our leader.

Despite the fact that we are at the strongest position of our movement's
history our inability to officially draw the state to the point of
resolution and to come up with the necessary means of tools to resolve the
question is a serious inadequacy. This is a matter for criticism and
self-criticism especially in terms of not being able to fulfil our duties
by not achieving a sufficient level of richness and performance in our

We have reached a level where it has become clear that if we do not have
the opportunity to meet our leader directly and the Kurdish people's
leader can not move freely in order to fulfil his duties then under these
conditions it is not possible to develop the democratic solution. It is
clear that as the movement and people we greatly value and lend meaning to
the unique efforts of our leader. We have acted in great awareness and
sensitivity despite the state's elimination policies and the conditions of
imprisonment in Imrali so that these efforts would be responded to. We
have yet again seen that the position adopted by us and our sensitivity
were not enough to advance the process.

The solution to the Kurdish question which has been turned into a Gordian
knot can only be resolved by talking to our leader Apo and to create
conditions of health, security and freedom to move. The twelve years under
the imprisonment conditions of ImralA:+- and especially the events of the
last two years have unarguably shown us that the question can not be
resolved if our leader is not free. The mentality and policies that set
the position of the Kurdish people's leader and PKK apart from the
solution of the Kurdish question are ill-intentioned and dangerous
approaches that have no desire to resolve the question.

The state must clearly show that it has decided to abandon its policy to
resolve the Kurdish question through violence, oppression and elimination
and that from now on it is sincere in developing the democratic
constitutional solution. The state therefore must generate the conditions
where our leader shall be in a surrounding where his health, security and
freedom to move can be secured. Our movement and our people shall not be
convinced and satisfied by any other statement and development.

The solution to the Kurdish question is more then ever demanding its
resolution. The only person who has the power and role to attain its
democratic solution is the Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Ocalan. This
is a reality everyone knows and accepts. Therefore in order to speedily
commence the negotiation process and to be able to soundly head the
process Kurdish people's leader must be given the means. On these grounds
we find it urgent and necessary that our leader has the means to move
freely and the issues of health and security are resolved.

All circles and personalities who are for the resolution of the question
should see this reality and act more sensitively and courageously then
ever before if they are to contribute to this process being crowned with
democratic solution and peace. Permanent peace can only be achieved like
this. As the movement we have the necessary strength and decisiveness for
a struggle that is ever more competent and with rich means in order to
overcome the inadequacies experienced in the past, to attain a solution to
the Kurdish question and to achieve our leader's freedom. Denial and
annihilation policies indexed to violence were the fundamental policy of
the Republic of Turkey when it came to Kurdish question. These policies
have now failed. However the AKP is putting these policies back on the
agenda through different tools. It is thus clear that our movement's great
experiences together with a richer and more competent struggle shall lead
to a magnificent resistance that will render this new offensive fruitless.
It is quite clear that our people and movement have the strength to defend
itself in the face of these violent policies and thus to carry the
struggle to more advanced levels. This reality must be seen and the path
to the resolution lies not in re-adopting policies of violence but lies in
the state taking the calls made by our leader on 27 June into
consideration. This is the only path to the profound solution of the
question. As a result the initial and the most important step for a
solution is to create the necessary conditions for our leader to play his
role. Our struggle shall have its focus on such an axis and shall
fundamentally target the creation of the health and security conditions of
our leader as well as his freedom to move and thus to develop a solution
to the question.

It is quite important that our people and democratic and patriotic
institutions focus on this axis and advance the struggle of the new
period. It is clear that we shall evaluate all conditions with great care
so that our great offensive attains an ultimate outcome, all our strength
shall be channelled to our struggle so that our great historical march
shall be successful and that we shall implement a manner of struggle that
shall ascertain success. Through such a belief and decisiveness we shall
take up the duties of the new period and shall attain peace and freedom.

The Presidency of the Executive Council of the KCK

06 August 2011

Yerevan Saeed
Phone: 009647701574587


Benjamin Preisler
+216 22 73 23 19