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INSIGHT - EGYPT - Info on April 6, gov't tone on "good students" and bad MB, Kifaya

Released on 2012-06-18 08:00 GMT

Email-ID 1103141
Date 2011-01-27 19:25:44
information about the crackdown targeting April 6, the difference between
April 6 and Kifaya, arrest of El Baradei supporter, the orgins of April 6
and the observation that the government is trying to draw a distinction
between "good students" and the bad MB (though, I have not see any
evidence of this, but it could just be because we can't collect every
public statement issued by the gov't using English media)

PUBLICATION: Background/analysis
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: Revolutionary leader
SOURCE Reliability : B


We have just spoken with some of our friends in Egypt and have learned few

- That "softening the language" about "good students" while being
harsh on Muslim Brotherhood still is main trend [BP: This tracks with what
Marko was saying about how he thinks Mubarak will eventually come out and
try to embrace the 'student', aka pro-democracy groups movement, while
saying 'baaad Islamists, bad.']

- That besides his announcement that he will come back and
participate in demonstrations tomorrow El Baradei may have lost part of
his authority due to "absence in key days" factor (the same reason why
political opposition is not considered to be legitimate in Tunisia)

- That may be guy named Noor, former presidential candidate whose
authority among protestors rises and

- That tomorrow MB will pull their move on streets, so it may be
even more dramatic.

- We got a bit better insight among the groups and how theywe
organizing last few days, but still look into mapping it.

- Regarding your question, seems that one of our friends from
April 6, and their key men for online organizing (kind of what "David
Plouffe was for barrack obama) Mohammed Adel, was arrested last night and
treated brutally. Among others, who were arrested last night, was Dr.
Mustafa Al Nagar general coordinator of the popular campaign in support of
El Baradei. He was arrested and transferred to unknown destination.
Knowing Egyptians, and how they were fast in moving towards
"personalization" I expect their names to emerge in protesters and media.

We have gotten, though, answers to part of your questions, as we have
spoken to other friends in Egypt:

[the following part is an email the source copied and pasted to me; i have
included the questions i was asking in red above the answers]

Regarding the questions below, here are my answers:

1) State-owned Nile News TV ran a report on Jan. 25 that was very
disparaging of all the protesters. But the thing that interested me the
most was the statement made in the broadcast was: "This is the first time
political movements such as 6 April movement, National Association for
Change and Kifaya are mentioned in state television."

What?! That cannot be true, man. Is it really? Can you please ask your
friends at April 6?

1) No, this is wrong! It is not the first time state tv mentions
opposition groups. Nile News TV is part of the state-owned Egypt News
Sector. They mentioned April6 and Kefaya and Elbaradei many many times
before. Of course, they do not always say nice things about them. But at
least in mentioning them they recognize that they exist!

2) I read on the April 6 website their little "About Us" page in English:

I am very interested in the reference to Mahalla in 2007. What is so
special about that place to them?
2) Mahalla 2007 protests were the spark that started April6 Movement from
the very beginning. In 2007, labor force in Mahalla (the largest
industrial city of Egypt) started huge demonstrations against poverty and
unfair work conditions. Those demonstrations were suppressed brutally by
the police [BP: emphasis mine; just noting it was not the military]. So,
activists all over Egypt, especially in Cairo called upon launching
protests nation-wide, all over the country, against corruption, poverty,
and low salaries. This protest was planned to happen on April6. This is
how "April6" movement got their name.
3) What is April 6's relationship with Kifaya?

3) As far as I know there is no direct relationship between April6 and
Kefaya except that some of the members of April6 were former members of
Youth for Change sub-group affiliated to Kefaya. But both are independent
movements that are not directly linked. Also, it is noteworthy that April6
are mostly composed of liberal young students, while Kefaya is composed of
leftist (socialist) older activists and intellectuals.

I hope this is helpful.