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Re: B2 Re: B3* - GREECE/EU/IMF - Papandreou: It's time for Europe, otherwise there is the IMF

Released on 2001-03-13 18:00 GMT

Email-ID 1118135
Date 2010-03-03 14:45:58
heh - the IMF would be a lot meaner than europe

Antonia Colibasanu wrote:

confirmation here

PM leaves open prospect of Greek recourse to IMF if EU backing not
forthcoming, gov't source says

Prime minister George Papandreou left open the prospect of Greece
taking recourse in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if Greece is
not financially backed by the EU, speaking to a lengthy Cabinet meeting
on Wednesday during which supplementary measures for the economy were
discussed, according to a senior government official.

The same official added that EU backing is the main goal and
orientation of the government.

Another official said that the anticipated reactions to the measures,
due to be announced in the next few hours, are understandable, but the
government is determined for the country's survival.

Government economic circles said that the measures to be announced
will not affect the pensioners' benefits, while VAT rebates to farmers
will be increased from the current 7 percent to 11 percent.

Antonia Colibasanu wrote:

Poor translation from Google but I think Papandreou says that if EU
won't give, they'll have to ask IMF - I'll keep looking to confirm
(see red bold below)

Papandreou: It's time for Europe, otherwise there is the IMF
Tetarty, 03 03 2010 12:39 Wednesday 03 03 2010 12:39
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Papoulias-Papandreou-003 Tyn anti%drasy ty*s Eurwpajky%*s E%nwsy*s
perime%nei o Prwthupourgo%*s meta% tyn apo%fasy gia tyn efarmogy% twn
me%trwn ecugi%ansy*s ty*s Ellyniky%*s oikonomi%a*s, enw% milw%nta*s
sto upourgiko% Sumbou%lio, to%nise pw*s emei%*s steko%maste sto u%qo*s
twn perista%sewn. The reaction of the European Union expects the Prime
Minister following the decision to implement the consolidation
measures of the Greek economy, while speaking at the Council of
Ministers, stressed that we stand to the occasion. To mesyme%ri, o
Giw%rgo*s Papandre%ou enyme%rwse ton Pro%edro ty*s Dymokrati%a*s gia
ta ne%a me%tra. At noon, George Papandreou briefed the President of
the Republic on the new measures. " Ku%rie Pro%edre, du%skole*s
apofa%sei*s se mia du%skoly stigmy% gia ty xw%ra " ane%fere o
Prwthupourgo%*s, apeuthuno%meno*s pro*s ton Ka%rolo Papou%lia kata% ty
suna%ntysy% tou*s sto Proedriko% Me%garo. "Mr President, difficult
decisions at a difficult moment for the country," said the Prime
Minister, he appealed to the Karolos Papoulias during their meeting at
the Presidential Palace. "Du%skole*s me%re*s" ei%pe apo% tyn pleura%
tou o k. Papou%lia*s, upogrammi%zonta*s o%ti " pre%pei na apokty%soume
tyn koinwniky% aciopisti%a me koinwniky% euaisthysi%a kai nomi%zw o%ti
se auto% tha antapokrithei% o ellyniko%*s lao%*s, o%tan peistei% o%ti
ei%nai swsta% kai di%kaia ta me%tra kai o%ti pre%pei na prosfe%roun
perisso%tera autoi% pou e%xoun perisso%tera ". "Rainy day" said the
part of Mr. Papoulias stressed that "we must have social credibility
of social awareness and I think this will meet the Greek people, when
convinced that it is properly and fairly and that measures should be
offer more people who have more. "

"Du%skole*s me%re*s, alla% anagkai%a ta o%sa apofasi%same. Py%rame
du%skole*s apofa%sei*s se mia du%skoly kata%stasy" to%nise o k.
Papandre%ou milw%nta*s me ton k. Papou%lia. "Difficult days, but need
what we decided. We took tough decisions in a difficult situation,"
said Papandreou, speaking with Mr. Papoulias.

O Prwthupourgo%*s symei%wse o%ti y xw%ra ma*s bre%thyke sty di%ny tou
kuklw%na, twn pistwtw%n kai twn diethnw%n agorw%n kai pro%sthese pw*s,
"dei%xnoume, y Ella%da kai o ellyniko%*s lao%*s o%ti mporei%
acio%pista na pai%rnei apofa%sei*s". The Prime Minister noted that the
country we found the vortex of the storm, creditors and international
markets, adding that, "showing, Greece and the Greek people that can
reliably make decisions."

"Aname%noume dikai%w*s pia tyn eurwpajky% allyleggu%y kai ei%nai y
a%lly pleura% auty%*s ty*s sumfwni%a*s" to%nise o k. Papandre%ou kai
e%kane lo%go gia istoriky% euthu%ny kai ty*s Eurw%py*s. "We are
waiting right now for European solidarity and the other side of this
agreement," said Mr. Papandreou spoke of historical responsibility and
Ako%my, o Prwthupourgo%*s ane%fere o%ti "ei%nai pia auto% to anagkai%o
by%ma gia na pa%me se mia ma%xy gia mega%le*s allage%*s" kai me%tra
koinwniky%*s dikaiosu%ny*s kai prostasi%a*s tou poli%ty, w%ste na
ce%rei ple%on o%ti y politei%a se%betai ton i%dio kai ta xry%mata% tou
kai tou dymiourgei% prooptike%*s gia ergasi%a kai ana%ptucy. Even the
Prime Minister stated that "this is no longer necessary step to go
into a battle for big changes" and measures of social justice and
protection of citizens to know now that the state respects himself and
his money and raises outlook work and development.

"Auty% ty ma%xy di%noume kai tha ty dw%soume o%loi, y kube%rnysy mazi%
kai di%pla me ton ellyniko% lao%", to%nise o Prwthupourgo%*s. "This
battle we will give to everyone, with the government and side with the
Greek people," said the Prime Minister.

"Ku%rie pro%edre, ei%nai swsta% auta% pou le%te" ei%pe o k.
Papou%lia*s. "Mr President, it is correct what you say," Mr.
Papoulias. Upogra%mmise de, o%ti "pre%pei na apokty%soume tyn
koinwniky% aciopisti%a me koinwniky% euaisthysi%a kai nomi%zw o%ti se
auto% tha antapokrithei% o ellyniko%*s lao%*s, o%tan peistei% o%ti
ei%nai swsta% kai di%kaia ta me%tra kai o%ti pre%pei na prosfe%roun
perisso%tera autoi% pou e%xoun perisso%tera". Underlined that "we must
have social credibility of social awareness and I think this will meet
the Greek people, when convinced that it is properly and fairly and
that the measures should provide more people who have more."

O k. Papandre%ou symei%wse me ty seira% tou o%ti pre%pei na ei%nai
analogika% ta ba%ry. Papandreou noted in turn that it must be
proportionate weights.

O Prwthupourgo%*s euxari%styse ton pro%edro ty*s Dymokrati%a*s gia tyn
prwtobouli%a tou na anala%bei to Tamei%o Sty%ricy*s gia tyn oikonomi%a
ty*s xw%ra*s, ka%ti pou pro%teine o pro%edro*s ty*s Bouly%*s
Fi%lippo*s Petsa%lniko*s. The Prime Minister thanked the President of
the Republic for his initiative to take the Fund to support the
country's economy, which suggested the chairman of the House Philippos

Meta% ty suna%ntysy% tou me ton Pro%edro ty*s Dymokrati%a*s, o
Prwthupourgo%*s e%kane lo%go gia "du%skole*s apofa%sei*s pou den y%tan
aplw%*s epilogy%, alla% y%tan ana%gky na pa%roume". After his meeting
with President of the Republic, the Prime Minister spoke of "difficult
decisions that were not merely choice, but we needed to take."

O Prwthupourgo%*s ecy%gyse o%ti oi sugkekrime%ne*s apofa%sei*s ei%nai
anagkai%e*s gia tyn epibi%wsy ty*s xw%ra*s ma*s, ty*s oikonomi%a*s
ma*s, gia na fu%gei y Ella%da apo% ty di%ny kai twn kerdosko%pwn kai
ty*s dusfy%mysy*s. The Prime Minister explained that these decisions
are necessary for the survival of our country, our economy, to leave
the Greece of the vortex and speculators and defamation.

"Na anasa%noume, gia na mpore%soume na dw%soume kai auty% ty ma%xy"
ei%pe xaraktyristika% o k. Papandre%ou. "To breathe, to be able to
give and this battle" said Mr Papandreou.

O Prwthupourgo%*s to%nise o%ti o i%dio*s kai y kube%rnysy di%noun
mazi% kai di%pla ston ellyniko% lao% ty ma%xy gia mia pio di%kaiy
koinwni%a, gia ti*s mega%le*s allage%*s pou tha fe%roun ana%ptucy,
douleie%*s kai prooptiky% ston to%po. The Prime Minister stressed that
he and the government pay close together and the Greek people to fight
for a fairer society for major changes that will bring growth, jobs
and view the site.

Sugkekrime%na, o k. Papandre%ou styn topothe%tysy% tou sto Upourgiko%
Sumbou%lio gia tyn efarmogy% twn me%trwn, ei%pe metacu% a%llwn o%ti
tw%ra y%rthe y w%ra ty*s Eurw%py*s: " Emei%*s analamba%noume ti*s
euthu%ne*s ma*s kai steko%maste sto u%qo*s twn perista%sewn, to i%dio
perime%noume na pra%cei kai y EE ". Specifically, Mr. Papandreou to
put him in the Cabinet to implement the measures, said among other
things, that now it is time for Europe: "We undertake our
responsibilities and we stand to the occasion, so expect to do and the
EU .

Epi%sy*s, episy%mane o%ti an den upa%rcei ousiastiky% politiky%
sty%ricy kai eggu%ysy apo% ta eurwpajka% o%rgana, ei%nai anoixto% to
sena%rio prosfugy%*s ty*s xw%ra*s sto Diethne%*s Nomismatiko% Tamei%o.
It also commented that if there is substantial political support and
guaranteed by the European institutions, open the application scenario
of the country at the International Monetary Fund.

Su%mfwna me plyrofori%e*s, o Prwthupourgo%*s styri%xthyke o%so pote%
kai anepifu%lakta apo% o%lo to Upourgiko% Sumbou%lio, sto opoi%o,
su%mfwna me kubernytiko% ste%lexo*s, upy%rce perisullogy%, enw%
diatupw%thyke y a%poqy o%ti ei%nai katanoyte%*s oi anameno%mene*s
antidra%sei*s, wsto%so ekei%no pou kuriarxei% ei%nai y
apofasistiko%tyta ty*s kube%rnysy*s sto na epibiw%sei y xw%ra.
According to reports, Prime Minister and supported ever more strongly
from the Cabinet, which, according to government figures, was
gathering, and expressed the view that understanding of the expected
reactions, however, that dominates the government's determination to
survive the country.

O%loi antilambano%maste tyn krisimo%tyta twn stigmw%n , ei%pe a%llo
ste%lexo*s tou oikonomikou% epitelei%ou ty*s kube%rnysy*s,
anagnwri%zonta*s pw*s tha upa%rcoun orisme%ne*s arnytike%*s
sune%peie*s styn oikonomiky% drastyrio%tyta kai ti*s time%*s, wsto%so
to%nise, o%ti auty% ty stigmy% proe%xei y apokata%stasy ty*s
dunato%tyta*s ty*s xw%ra*s gia daneismo%. We all understand the
gravity of the dots, "said another member of the economic staff of the
government, recognizing that there will be some negative impact on
economic activity and prices, but stressed that this time it is
important to restore the country's ability to borrow.

Oi i%dioi ku%kloi to%nisan tauto%xrona, o%ti me ti*s prospa%theie*s
pou kataba%llei y Ella%da ste%lnetai e%na ceka%tharo my%numa pro*s
ti*s agore%*s kai tyn Eurwpajky% Epitropy%, o%ti y xw%ra eca%ntlyse ta
perithw%ria% ty*s apo% tyn a%poqy ty*s ly%qy*s me%trwn. The same
circles also stressed that the efforts Greece has sent a clear message
to the markets and the European Commission, the country has exhausted
the margins in terms of measures.

Pyge%*s: NET, NET 105.8, APE-MPE Sources: NET, NET 105.8, ANA-MPA