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On Monday February 27th, 2012, WikiLeaks began publishing The Global Intelligence Files, over five million e-mails from the Texas headquartered "global intelligence" company Stratfor. The e-mails date between July 2004 and late December 2011. They reveal the inner workings of a company that fronts as an intelligence publisher, but provides confidential intelligence services to large corporations, such as Bhopal's Dow Chemical Co., Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and government agencies, including the US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defence Intelligence Agency. The emails show Stratfor's web of informers, pay-off structure, payment laundering techniques and psychological methods.

Re: INSIGHT - Turkey - Gulen, business cycle, Africa, IMF, etc.

Released on 2012-03-16 18:00 GMT

Email-ID 1119571
Date 2010-02-20 22:41:08
This is not how the Gulenists operate. They are ambitious and working on a
bottoms-up approach to change the Kemalist nature of the state. But they
will not openly violate religious principles to promote them. This sounds
like conspiracy theory. I know many Gulenists and they are nothing like
this. I don't think this part should be published.


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From: Reva Bhalla
Date: Sat, 20 Feb 2010 13:25:21 -0600
To: Secure List
Subject: INSIGHT - Turkey - Gulen, business cycle, Africa, IMF, etc.
PUBLICATION: For Turkey analysis series that I'm working on
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: extremely well-informed and well-connected Turkish
source based in DC
(this was a meeting to get me ready for my trip to Turkey. For security
reasons, we're not going to publish the Turkey series on Gulen till after
I come back)
Gulen 'sleeper' cells
I talked to him about what I learned from another source about the
Gulenist 'sleeper families'. He confirmed that this is the case and
explained in more detail how it works. Essentially you will have a family
where the wife will be very modern, no headscarf, the man can go drinking,
vacation on the French Riviera, get a Russian prostitute, etc., the kids
will grow up secular, socialize with military kids in school. The whole
time though you will have them report regularly to a case officer in
Gulen, who will place them strategically in institutions where they need
to build influence. We also discussed the specific ways in which the
Gulen targets its opponents or potential agents of influence (some good
things for me to be aware of given stratfor's profile in turkey - very
similar to the Chinese method of buying influence on a grassroots level).
In short, it's very difficult to tell who you're talking to. You could be
sitting down with someone bashing AKP and drinking whiskey, and they could
be a hardcore Gulenist.
Gulen's Relationship with AKP
We've talked about AKP's symbiotic, but often tense relationship with
Gulen. Need to note that Gulen doesn't like Erdogan. When the AKP last
faced the threat of being banned, Gulen supported them through the whole
ordeal, but as soon as it was clear AKP would remain, orders were given to
Gulen media to attack Erdogan in the news. Gulen is much closer
ideologically to Gul and Davutoglu. Need to watch this dynamic closely.
How to tell a Gulenist
-Gulenists will not refer to the Gulen movement as Gulen, but as Hoca
Ofendi; anti-Gulenists will refer to it as Gulen or worse, by the leaders
first name Faitullah
- see how paranoid the person you are talking to is with their phone. If
they bring it to a mtg and leave the battery in, they could be Gulenist,
ie. not afraid to talk. If they are paranoid and disassemble or check
their phone at the front lobby (this is apparently common now in Turkey),
then they are afraid of Gulen/police surveillance.
- when talking to a man, pay attention to the metal of their ring.
Hardcore Islamists won't wear gold and will wear silver instead. It is a
very symbolic thing in Turkey religiously to go from gold to silver or
- Gulenists love to use cosmic and galactic sounding names for their
organizations - anything to do with space, milky way, time (zaman), peace
and harmony, etc.
Gulen Influence in Police Intelligence
I asked how the Gulen developed into such an unbelievably sophisticated
intelligence organization. He explained in detail how the Gulen were able
to build so much influence within the police intelligence. The police were
always the weaker force in Turkey. It was always the military intelligence
of course that had the most clout. The way he explained it was that the
gendarmerie, the branch of the Turkish armed forces that patrols the
countryside (outside of police control) controlled some 97% of the
country, while the police controlled some 3% of the population in urban
Turkey. In the early 1990s, the PM at the time, Ciller, while very
secular, thought it would be a good idea to build up the police intel as a
way to counter the military and balance power more effectively. The US at
the time supplied the Turkish police at the time with surveillance
technology and other forms of technical equipment and expertise (remember
this was a time when cell phone technology was starting to take off). The
Turks then developed an indigenous capability and empowered themselves
through that. The Gulen started early in placing their people in the
police ranks, realizing that the institution would rise to power. Today,
the police intelligence is the main institution driving all these
Ergenekon investigations, tax audits, etc. It's a political tool, and a
very effective one at that.
Turkey won't take IMF loan
Turkey won't take the IMF loan. They'll continue to keep the issue alive
but string it along and make clear that they're past the worst part of the
economic storm. Why won't they take it? IMF is placing a condition on
the loan for Turkey to create an independent tax audit body. There's no
way AKP/Gulen could agree to that. The tax audits are what allows them to
neutralize their business and media opponents (very Russian-like).
Rise of AKP oligarchs
Strongest areas of Gulen/AKP influence -- police, lower judiciary,
ministry of foreign affairs, newly established universities
AKP/Gulen is still far behind the nationalists in the banking sector. Emre
and I are breaking down the top 10 Forbes Turkish business families over
the past several years, and clearly the mainstay secular families
(Sabanci, Koc, Dogan, etc) are dominant. That said, the AKP/Gulen may not
have the support of the multi-billionaires, but the strength of the
small-med business families cannot be ignored. These together make up a
powerful force.
In our discussion, we broke down the four types of business families in
modern Turkey
a) Those that are staunchly secular/nationalist, anti-AKP and anti-Gulen
(Koc, Dogan)
b) Those that are secular/nationalist and anti-Gulen but more neutral
toward AKP out of business interest (Sabanci, Sahenk (NTV), Dogus,
c) Those that are pro-AKP, fake supporters of Gulen for their own business
and personal protection - (Calik, Zorlu)
d) Those that are legitimately pro-AKP and pro-Gulen - (Ulkher)
The Gulen Business Cycle
(this is so cool... i'm going to create a visual graphic of this cycle for
the series we publish)
This is how the Gulen spreads beyond Turkey in business territory:
Say I'm a button maker for dress shirts in Denizli, Konya, Kayseri,
Gaziantep, etc (these are all more conservative provinces where AKP/Gulen
has strong support). If I support AKP/Gulen, then they will arrange a spot
for me in the supply chain and set up contracts for me with all the shirt
makers I need to do business with. If I don't cooperate, they'll deny me
land, and I'll have the tax auditing office come after me.
Gulen in Africa
Now, to spread internationally, we've talked already about how Gulen is in
the balkans, a lot of the former Soviet space, etc but it's more difficult
to operate in some of these areas where they don't know Islam or where you
have strong authoritarian regimes. Africa, however, is perfect because
you have little to no transparency, it's virgin territory and it's
chaotic, lots of Muslims and undeveloped.
Gulen/AKP will organize a big business forum in X African country. Usually
organized by Tuscan business lobby group. Tuscan will work with the MFA
officials and the ambassador there to faciltate your business contacts.
You'll get a lucrative contract. In return, you donate a sizable sum to
fund a school in the country. These Gulenist schools (note - i have tons
of research on this - many of them are also in the US) have top-notch
facilities and disciplines, ie. where the elites of these countries would
send their kids. The idea is to indoctrinate the children of these state
leaders early in these schools so that when they rise to power, they are
already tied into Gulen. Very sophisticated, deliberate and long-term
approach to build influence in these countries. A lot of the elites in
these countries will become paranoid because they can't be sure if these
kids will turn on them and charge them for not being good Muslims, etc.
The point is for the Gulen to be able to influence political decisions and
raise the political elite in these countries.
To map out where Gulen is operating, we are going to look at a couple
a) where Turkey has opened up new embassies recently (there's been a ton)
b) new Turkish Airlines routes that have opened recently
* note Calik just got a contract for a refinery in Sudan .. beat out the
Indian bid. AKP/Gulen helped facilitate this deal. They're focused a lot
on Sudan lately.
Gulen and universities
Turkey's long-established universities are run and dominated by the
secularist/nationalists. But Gulen is creating its new class of
universities. In past 7 years, the number of universities in Turkey has
grown from 70 to 140.. nearly doubled. These are all privately funded by
Gulenist businessmen. I'll be checking out some of these universities
while I'm there.
have a lot more, but these were some of the highlights.